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University of California, Berkeley E10 Fall 2009 S.W. Hermanowicz Module CEE E10 Engineering Design and Analysis Module B CEE Assignment No. 4 Assignments #1 and #2 are due in the week 11/16 during your discussion sections. You will have an opportunity to work more on your assignment #2 before the final submission as a part of the final report (#3). 1. Individual Assignment The MPN procedure described in the class works uses only one volume of water V and only works for a relatively small range of concentrations. In practice, a more involved test is used that uses five 10-mL volumes, one 1-mL volume, and one 0.1-mL volume. You ran the test and obtained the following results: 4 out of 5 10-mL tubes were positive, the 1-mL tube was negative and the 0.1-mL tube was positive. Calculate the MPN expressing it in cells/100 mL. Hint : now we have three 8 related to three volumes of water but still only one value for the (unknown) concentration C. Start with C values in the range of 0.1 to 0.3 cells/mL. If we assume that in raw, undisinfected water bacterial concentration is 10 cells/L, what is the 6 disinfection efficiency (N/N0)? 2. Team Assignment (submit as an appendix with your final technical report) Characteristics of a commercially available UV lamp (Philips 4W, Germicidal* Sterilamp®
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E10_F09_Module_CEE_Assign_04_B - University of California,...

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