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Table of Design Criteria

Table of Design Criteria - Philips 4W UV lamp diameter...

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Table of Design Criteria Daily Water Consumption 2,400 L Initial Water Needed for a year 900,000L Cost of lifting water to the moon $19,800,000,000 Supply rate 1000L/hour Tank size 6600L Pipe length 100m Pipe diameter 2.54cm Pipe material Concrete, = . ϵ 0 3 mm Temperature of water in the pipe 20 C ̊ Friction factor = . f 0 045 Head loss 2.73 meters of water Power of the pump 10W Gravity (assumed as earth gravity) 9.8 / m s2 UV lamp
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Unformatted text preview: Philips 4W UV lamp diameter 1.59cm UV lamp Length 15.24cm UV lamp output 0.8W UV absorption coefficient (assumed) 90% Disinfection unit outer case diameter 48cm Disinfection unit outer case length 15.24cm Disinfection efficiency 99.99% (4 log) Inactivation after disinfection . ×-1 1 10 4 Virus analyzed for disinfection Poliovirus I 4-log UV dose for Poliovirus I 60 / mW cm2...
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