33-01fin_actual - Physics 33 Final Exam Monday December 3...

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Physics 33 Final Exam Name ________________________ Monday, December 3, 2001 This test is closed book, closed notes. No calculators, please. You may use a 3” by 5”, handwritten note card. For numerical calculations, you must use only those values provided on this test paper . Some of these numbers have been approximated for ease of calculation. charge of electron e = – 1.6 x 10 –19 C mass of electron m e = 9 x 10 –31 kg permittivity constant ε 0 = 9 x 10 –12 C 2 /Nm 2 mass of proton m p = 1.7 x 10 –27 kg Coulomb constant k = 9 x 10 9 Nm 2 /C 2 magnetic permeability μ 0 = 4 π x 10 –7 Tm/A index of refraction of air n air = 1.00 If any numerical values are given in a problem, a numerical answer is expected. You do not need to convert fractions to decimals, and you can leave any π ’s in answers as π . You do not need to convert fractions to decimals or reduce square roots of non-perfect squares. I would appreciate it, however, if you would reduce fractions. For full credit, you must explain or show how your answers are obtained. Do not state the result of a homework, in- class, or textbook problem without proof! What to do if you run out of room on a page: FLIP your test and write on the back. (Which means you shouldn’t write on the back of the page on which you just ran out of room!) This test has 7 numbered questions on 7 pages. Check that you have all pages! 1) (6 points) I) Two point charges +Q and –Q are separated by a distance D. At a point a distance z above the point halfway between the charges: a) Draw and carefully label vectors showing the contribution to the total electric field due to each charge. b) Draw and carefully label the total electric field vector at this point. c) Find an expression for the total electric field in terms of Q, D, and z. II) Two long straight wires separated by a distance D each carry a current I; the current in the left
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33-01fin_actual - Physics 33 Final Exam Monday December 3...

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