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33-06_hw3 - to buy the ticket and walk to Boston Estimate...

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Homework #3 Hello everyone, Here is the next homework assignment, due Wednesday, October 15. It’s short, so you can have more time to study for the mid-term! 1) to 2): Giancoli chapter 22: 60ab, 61 3) to 5): Giancoli chapter 23: 3, 36, 33 (yes, out of order) 6) Estimation Problem, part 1 : You have decided you really want to go to Fenway Park to watch a playoff game. Unfortunately, you only have enough money for either transportation or a ticket to the game; you decide
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Unformatted text preview: to buy the ticket and walk to Boston. Estimate the minimum amount of time it would realistically take you to do that. Please: no maps, no table look ups. Do this as best you can using only what you already know! 7) Estimation Problem, part 2: Determine the uncertainty in your answer. Note: Our text book has both "Questions" and "Problems" at the end of each chapter. Unless otherwise noted, all homework problems will be drawn from the "Problems" section. ...prk...
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