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prk6f1 - Physics ti Filth Exam Friday March[9 1993{mail...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics ti Filth] Exam Friday March [9. 1993 {mail} seetiaet Fessihly teeth] ath: - Speed rtl' atttmd in air: 344i] unis. — Ritual + stunt} = E shit-Sitt-I-Wi militia-hi) - einitnt+enrltrl = l - Material inedfishat Lt Ls decals Balhnndatua aafluneame water til'i'flltkgl'i arising aerating trimmer? a r 10'? lien1 in em dill] iEIEIIIl'I area-ti .trlct' air In‘5 e-l i[e itch itte 452 .15 LIE: ttl5 All queaticnsarewerth lttpo‘rnte. PHEE‘fi'filflflfiflflyrfllldt-‘Frfliiflutymfl' anawere. 1} Anmfiufldylhng,eraightcyflndrkaimefilpipemrfifiatmifdmmeul[- A wirertuaningalengtheceeu-alanisefthepipecnrrieiacmrentIinthecppe-rite direction. Ifflteiuuertaditndffltepipeisfllandfl'ieeuterradiuaieiii.uee limp-He's lawtct'nrdthernagninrne ct'tlrernegnetie field eyeaywltereintheregian betweenthewirteattdr=2R1.whereristlaedistaraaeircnrthew'n-e. Wfile neatly! '2}: h radicean be tuned te a rpeeit'm frequency by dritr'ntg an L1? circuit with that h-eqneaary,andtraryingdieeapaeitanae Lnrtil reactant-tie deems- lancer-lain redid. thccapacitnneerequiredtehme‘mastaticnatfififlklleialtinfi Whatcapacitaraae irreqnir‘edtnnineinltiliillzfie? Writeneatlyl 't} fitwmagnetispulledawny frcmaleapefwire. starting frentthe left eithelnep as elrewn. The north end at he magnet is cleeeet tn the heap. By cententittnt magnetic field lines paint Inward ncrtlt. [renting train the right in the piehu'e. in which directicn is the induced cturent in the lit-tip. and the induced magnetic field? Exp-lam your answer. Write neatly! if? g: W W titer-:35 4i 't'cttarettmiugyntu' guitar: yenhjtae-tttll-Ia tuning fart and pittetastr'rng. After initially hearing 5 beats per aeeend. ycu tighten the string until new beats are heard. a} What was the Ere-queasy at the string hetnre yen tuned it? h} Shaw that the remnant frequencies fer a string held filled at hath ends are it = ttw'lL, far all integer it. Write neatly! 51 ”felt play a ltttt w amplifier flueltglt a speaker which puts nut scnnd equally in all dicect'tana'. At a nirtarure et 1.5 In. what is the acnnd intensity I and the aennd tet'el ti? 1titl't'ite neatly! ...
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