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Course Syllabus EdPsy 590 TER Technology and Education Reform Syllabus Summer, 2008 Textbooks Required Two textbooks will be required for EdPsy 590 TER. These textbooks can be purchased online through the UIUC Bookstore, directly from the publisher or through any number of online bookstores. Planning for Technology: A Guide for School Administrators, Technology Coordinators, and Curriculum Leaders by Bruce M. Whitehead, Devon F. N. Jensen and Floyd Boschee. Copyright 2003. Corwin Press, Inc. ISBN 0-7619-4596-2. The technology fix: The promise and reality of computers in our schools by William D. Pflaum. Copyright 2004. ASCD publications. ISBN 0-87120-842-3. Course Overview Technology and Education Reform takes an in-depth look at educational reform, past and present, and of emerging research in this area as it relates to education in the United States. Major topics in inquiry include changing the organization of schools, the instructional program, and the roles students, teachers, and school administrators, play when integrating technology and school improvement. Students are expected to work in teams and produce a technology-related grant proposal with potential to acquire sufficient funding, in order to facilitate intended changes or reforms in serving organizations. Assignments Individual assignments and due dates are located in Moodle. Objectives As a result of this course, the participants will be able to: • Examine the historical and contemporary perspectives in school improvement as it relates to technology • Identify and understand the use of data to inform instructional decision-making • Discuss the importance of effective data-informed decision making to the teaching and learning process, with the paradigm of continuous improvement • Develop and present an effective, quality technology integration proposal to complement your school improvement plan. Course Expectations In order to ensure that this course will be enjoyable and productive, students are expected to:
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• Study assigned readings and be prepared to actively contribute to conversations and activities related to them • Reflect on your current practice as it relates to the readings • Complete assignments and hand them in on time • Attend and actively participate in all online activities • Notify the professor/teaching assistant as soon as possible if you are unable to participate or complete an assignment • Produce a research-based proposal/plan describing the funding, integration of technology, and implementation of some aspect of the research discussed in this course • Work productively with teammate(s) Relationship of Course to UIUC Conceptual Framework This course emphasizes the following aspects of the UIUC Conceptual Framework: • Establishing Community in Teaching and Learning Environment – This course will be taught in an online seminar format, with a high degree of interactivity between and among the professor and students. By fostering critical thinking and dialogue about the
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CTER590_Syllabus_revised_huang2008wiki - Course Syllabus...

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