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Unformatted text preview: EdPsy 590TER Major Project Proposal Evaluation Rubric There are FOUR sections to this Evaluation Rubric: Organization of Work Understanding the Educational Reform Proposed Sustaining and Disseminating the Educational Reform Proposed On-line Presentation Circle the number of points for each question below. Student Name _____________________________________________ Proposal Title _____________________________________________ Total Points: _______/ 42 Organization of Work Does the proposal include all of the sections listed in the identified RFP? (A typical proposal includes: Abstract, Justification, Project description, Project Evaluation, Timeline, Budget, Budget justification, Personnel, Equipment, Supplies, Conclusion) 3 - All proposal sections are included 2 - All but one or two sections are included 1 - More than two sections are missing 0 - Other, see comments below Did the proposal writer(s) follow suggested guidelines and page limits identified by the funding agency they are targeting?...
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EdPsy590TER_major_project_rubric_huang2008 - EdPsy 590TER...

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