2 - Biol 241 2008 Lecture 2: Mendelian Genetics: I) The...

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Biol 241 - 2008 Lecture 2: Mendelian Genetics: I) The concepts of heredity before Mendel A) Homunculous: a preformed human embryo in gametes. B) Blended inheritance: Parental traits are mixed and stably changed in the offspring. This was popular as biologists at the time were fascinated with Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwin dealt with complex traits that are affected by many genes. These complex traits exhibit variations that seem continuous. II) The pea plant The first model organism. A) The garden pea, Pisum sativum , grows rapidly and easily. B) Peas are highly inbred because the tightly closed flowers prevent pollen from leaving or entering. This led to a variety of peas that “ breed true ” or are “ true- breeding ”, that is each successive generation is very much like the parents. A high level of homozygosity in most/all pea genes caused by repeated self- fertilization. C) Experimentally, peas can be made to cross with other pea plants by delivering pollen directly to the stigma of the flower. III) Monohybrid crosses A) 7 characteristics in the pea plant that were distinctly different. He had varieties (strains) of his pea plant that bred true for each characteristic. 1)
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2 - Biol 241 2008 Lecture 2: Mendelian Genetics: I) The...

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