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Chapter 5 dipeptide/tripeptide/oligopeptide (12-20)/polypeptide monomeric (single polypeptide), multimeric (many polypeptides), homomultimeric (many same polypeptides), heteromultimeric (many different polypeptides) protein structure o carb. O and amide H are trans to each other (decreases sterics; chain inherently asymmetric) o peptide bond has partial double bond character o C=O < C=N < C 0 -N < C-N < C 0 -C α o backbone is polar (partial neg O and partial pos N) but it is relatively unreactive o amide plane o classes fibrous: simple, linear, typically insoluble globular: spherical, often soluble membrane: transmembrane; insoluble o main structure: primary (AA sequence), secondary (local structure), tertiary (3D structure), quaternary (for multimeric) o conformation (weak interactions) more impt. for bio than configuration (covalent bonds)
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protein isolation and purification (mainly by size and charge) o with increasing ionic strength/decreasing ion concentration,
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Chapter 5 - Chapter 5...

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