Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 factors that influence enzymatic...

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Chapter 15 factors that influence enzymatic activity o obvious ways to regulate amount of enzyme activity at a given time increase/decrease the number of enzyme molecules increase/decrease activity of each enzyme molecule o rate depend on availability of substrates and cofactors enzymes evolved such that their K m values approximate the prevailing in vivo [substrate] [enzyme] usually within one order of magnitude of [substrate] o apparent rate decreases as products accumulate as [P] increases, reverse rxn increases no rxn apparent after [P]/[S]=K eq (which is the thermodynamic equilibrium) enzymes can’t influence thermodynamics of rxn some enzymes inhibited by products of rxns o genetic regulation of enzyme synthesis/decay determine [enzyme] at any time induction = activation of enzyme synthesis repression = shutdown of enzyme synthesis genetic controls have response times ranging from minutes (in bacteria) to hours + (in higher eukaryotes) degradation of enzyme can occur through normal turnover of protein or through specific decay mechanisms o allosteric regulation of enzymes (by allosteric regulators aka effector molecules) activator/inhibitor binds to enzyme at site other than active site
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effector molecules often different sterically from substrate
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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 factors that influence enzymatic...

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