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Unformatted text preview: Ch 21: 586 - 590 – Sex Determination in Drosophila I. Previously: sex determined by X chromosome: autosome ratio II. Regulation Cascade Model A. X:A=1=Female: Sxl gene transcribed w/ regulated splicing SXL protein regulates splicing of tra pre-mRNA TRA protein regulates splicing of dsk pre-mRNA DSX-F represses male-specific gene expression Female B. X:A=0.5=Male: default splicing of pre-mRNA includes early stop codon for sxl, tra, & dsx DSX-M represses female-specific expression Male C. initial switch for sex determination 1. X chrom have sisterless numerator genes sis-a, sis-b, & sis-c & Autosome has a deadpan (dpn) denominator gene these protein products interact a. numerator subunits can form homo/hetero-dimers w/ denominator subunits b. females – 2 numerator:1 denominator numerator homodimers (TF that can activate Sxl expression) c. males – 1 numerator:1 denominator no/insufficient numerator homodimers 2. Process a. P E (early embryogenesis, due to homodimers) = made of...
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