ch6 - Ch 6 Introduction synetic genes that are on the same...

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Ch 6 Introduction synetic – genes that are on the same chromosome linkage – exhibited by “linked genes” that do not appear to assort independently b/c they are on the same chrom. “linked genes” belong to a “linkage group” Genetic analysis – dissects structure and function of the genetic material Progeny from crosses btwn parents w/ different genetic characters are analyzed to determine frequency w/ which differing parental alleles are associated in new combo. parentals (aka parental genotypes/classes) – progeny that show parental combo recombinants – progeny that show non-parental combo genetic recombination – process by which recombinants are produced application of genetic mapping recombinant DNA research in experiments directed toward understanding the DNA sequences in and around genes focus on constructiong genetic maps of genomes with the use of gene markers and DNA markers genetic marker/marker – name for a mutation that gives a distinguishable phenotype an allele that marks a chrom. or a gene gene markers – kind of alleles discussed previously DNA markers – molecular markers; DNA reguions in the genome that differ sufficiently btwn individuals and thus can be detected by the molecular analysis of DNA goal is to generate high-res maps of the chrom useful for investigating genes and their functions aim – bp sequences of organisms’ genomes Early Studies of Genetic Linkage: Morgan’s Experiments with Drosophila eyecolor & wing size: w m/w m x w+ m+/Y w m/Y + w m/w m+ mostly w m/w m + w+ m+/Y more parentals in every generation than recombinants
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ch6 - Ch 6 Introduction synetic genes that are on the same...

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