Chapter 20-pt2

Chapter 20-pt2 - Chapter 20 (Pg 543-546, 549-553, 562,...

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Chapter 20 (Pg 543-546, 549-553, 562, 565-566) Intro variation in complexity of regulatory systems among eukaryotes key similarities in gene regulation btwn prokaryotes and eukaryotes prmoter seq that vary to specify the rate of transcription initiation regulatory seq that determine the response of the gene to effector molecules regulatory proteins – both activators and repressors – w/ specific DNA-binding domains and interact w/ regulator seq to control transcrption key differences role of chromatin structure in regulating gene express need to add 5’ cap and 3’ poly A tail to pre-mRNA molecule and then splice the pre-mRNA to remove introns and produce the mature mRNA alternative splicing of pre-mRNA, the possibility of producing different mRNA regulation of the transport of mRNA from the nucleus to the cytoplasm Operons in Eukaryotes operons found in C. elegans and other nematodes however, polygenic mRNA transcribed from operons aren’t translated sequentially b/c eukaryotic ribosomes can’t reinitiation translation at new start codon once translation has been terminated so produce pre-mRNA Trnscrp by RNA Pol II single, capped, polygenic pre-mRNA trans-splicing at 3’ (SL)-RNA (snRNP) recognizes each 3’ splice site & pre-mRNA is cleaved adjacent simultaneous cleavage at polyadenylation site and addition of the poly(A) tail C. elegans also have introns – removed by conventional splicing mechanisms
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Chapter 20-pt2 - Chapter 20 (Pg 543-546, 549-553, 562,...

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