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Handout 1 - During Sporulation same process as in SPO1...

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Handout 1 Modification of the Host RNA Pol σ is key factor in determining specificity of enzyme transcription Exp first done w/ B. subtilis and phage SPO1 SPO1 has large DNA genome & temporal program of transcription (early, middle, late) host RNA Pol transcribes early genes b/c phage doesn’t have own RNA Pol then gp28 σ for middle genes gp33 & gp34 σ s for late genes RNA Pol Encoded in Phage T7 Phage T7 is E. coli phage ; also 3 phases of transcription host RNA Pol transcribes gene for phage’s RNA Pol for phases II and III this RNA Pol is specific only for the phage genes that are active during phases II and III Control of Transcription
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Unformatted text preview: During Sporulation same process as in SPO1 occurs in some host bact E. coli – whole life as vegetative state (growth), no sporulation sporulating – protect selves at onset of hard times fundamental change involving many old genes turned off and new genes turned on ex: B. subtilis forms endospores (can survive for years) Sporulation Process more than one new σ factor involved (at least 3 in addition to vegetative σ ), sporulation σ recognizes different promoter seq than vegetative σ Similar in E. coli: different σ for heat-shock, N starvation, etc....
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