LECTURE 1 SUMMARY - ARC131 H1F Introduction to Architecture...

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ARC131 H1F Introduction to Architecture Summary of Lecture No. 1 (September 10, 2009) Professor Larry Wayne Richards welcomed some 400 students to the course and introduced his team of eight Teaching Assistants. This survey course presents basic questions such as, “How do we look at and talk about buildings…about architecture?” Unlike some art forms, such as music (where one can decide to attend a concert or not), architecture cannot be avoided. The built, physical environment surrounds our lives from the day we’re born until the day we die. The buildings that we live in, work in, study in, and play in impact on us significantly. Mature societies develop a collective understanding and appreciation of architecture. Richards showed several examples of architecture at various scales, from a large urban complex of buildings to a small, simple dwelling. He showed the Hearst Tower in mid-town Manhattan, designed by the British architect, Norman Foster (who also designed the University of Toronto’s pharmacy building at the northwest corner of College Street and University Avenue); the mixed-use Radio City and National Ballet project on Toronto’s downtown east side by Kuwabara, Payne, McKenna, Blumberg (KPMB), ArchitectsAlliance, and other consulting firms; and the affordable Lowe’s [post hurricane] Katrina Cottage. Architecture is radically mediated by a broad range of factors such as natural
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LECTURE 1 SUMMARY - ARC131 H1F Introduction to Architecture...

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