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Sheet1 Page 1 NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Fischler School of Education and Human Services Course Syllabus I. COURSE TITLE/NUMBER EDD 9200: Trends and Issues: Society, the Individual, and the Professions (6 credits) II. FACULTY INFORMATION Students should contact their specific on-site/online professor for any questions regarding this course LEAD FACULTY INFORMATION Sharon Santilli, EdD 1750 NE 167th Street N. Miami Beach, FL 33162 santilli@nsu.nova.edu Office: 954 262 8678 FAX: 954 262 3906 III. RATIONALE Doctoral students preparing to assume leadership positions in any profession must be prepared for current and future challenges in an ever-changing, rapidly developing global society. Leadership in a global society demands a complex set of competencies that must be developed and strengthened over time. These competencies include (but are not limited to): . Highly developed conceptualization and communication skills, . Creative problem-solving and decision-making abilities . Technological proficiency, . The ability to anticipate opportunities and build partnerships . An appreciation of diversity and differences IV. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course focuses on the study of significant, current trends and issues that impact society and the individual on both a national and global level. Emphasis is placed on critical review of trends and issues affecting (a) social process: culture socialization and change social structures: social stratification, ethnic, race, and gender relations. Students will
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Sheet1 Page 2 examine a variety of issues through reading, research, case study analysis, and problem-based learning. All course activities provide opportunities to learn, to develop informed opinions and formulate logical, coherent arguments. V. LEARNING OBJECTIVES The course content and structure are designed for learners to meet the following learning outcomes: . Analyze contemporary trends and their impact, . Understand risks and opportunities that confront us as members of a global community . Synthesize information from multiple sources, . Engage in scholarly debate though objectivity and challenging assumptions, . Reflect, think, and write critically . Perfect oral and written communication skills. VI. REQUIRED MATERIALS The books/resources listed below must be purchased prior to the official start date of the term. Supplemental materials marked with an asterisk are also required and will be useful in more than one course in the program. The recommended texts and resources are optional. Required Textbooks Cornish, E. (2004). Futuring: The exploration of the future. Bethesda, MD: World Future Society. ISBN: 0-93024257-2 Canton, J. (2006). The extreme future: The top trends that will reshape the world for the next 5, 10, and 20 years. NY: Penguin Group. ISBN: 0-52594938-0 Naisbitt, J. (2006) Mind Set! Reset your thinking and see the future. NY: HarperCollins Publishers. ISBN: 0-06113688-7 Required Supplemental Materials American Psychological Association. (2001). Publication manual of the American
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EDD-9200-syllabus - NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Fischler...

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