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Hindu - • VARUNA(the high arched sky maintains order both...

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Hindu Invasion of the Indian Sub-continent by Aryan population from Central Asian high-lands and the subsequent conquest of the native dravidian population (2nd Millennium BCE) The Vedas (knowledge) Oldest Hindu Holy Book ca. 1000 BCE Rega Veda (the Veda of Stanzas of Praises) anthology of religious poetry in 10 books, over 1000 hymns "deva" means "god" (to shrine) in Sanskrit Cremation -- commit ashes to the river Most Prominent Vedic Deities Nature Gods: INDRA (god of storms) drives out Vritra, the drought dragon
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Unformatted text preview: • VARUNA (the high arched sky) maintains order, both natural and moral • RUDRA (paradocically both "dread mountain god" & "gentle healer presiding over medicinal plants" • Liturgical Deities: • Agni (holy fire) • Soma (holy liquid) • Brahmanaspati (holy words - prayers) • Life and Death not so different ▼ Caste System • Brahmins - priests • Kshatriyas - nobles • Vaisyas - aryan commoners • Shudras - non aryan commoners...
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