Hindu - VARUNA (the high arched sky) maintains order, both...

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Hindu • Invasion of the Indian Sub-continent by Aryan population from Central Asian high-lands and the subsequent conquest of the native dravidian population (2nd Millennium BCE) • The Vedas (knowledge) Oldest Hindu Holy Book ca. 1000 BCE Rega Veda (the Veda of Stanzas of Praises) • anthology of religious poetry in 10 books, over 1000 hymns • "deva" means "god" (to shrine) in Sanskrit • Cremation -- commit ashes to the river Most Prominent Vedic Deities Nature Gods: • INDRA (god of storms) drives out Vritra, the drought dragon
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Unformatted text preview: VARUNA (the high arched sky) maintains order, both natural and moral RUDRA (paradocically both "dread mountain god" & "gentle healer presiding over medicinal plants" Liturgical Deities: Agni (holy fire) Soma (holy liquid) Brahmanaspati (holy words - prayers) Life and Death not so different Caste System Brahmins - priests Kshatriyas - nobles Vaisyas - aryan commoners Shudras - non aryan commoners...
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