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Drexel University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECES 682, Introduction to Image Processing Spring 2006 Homework 4 Solution Due May 22, 2006 All problems are from Gonzalez and Woods, Digital Image Processing , second edition Note: Please submit your results in hard copy (not electronically). 1. Problem 6.5 At the left we have full red, on the right a full blue. In the middle we have (.5 1 .5) = (.5, .5, .5) + (0 .5 0). This is a mix of mid grey and pure green. 2. 6.6 3. 6.21 The assignment is to obtain a matrix that takes the old RGB values of a pixel and gives new RGB values with the same luminance (Y) but with U, V values reduced by some factor (for example, by a factor of 2). Note: The equations for transforming from RGB to YUV are:
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Answer: Let the above matrix be M. We can obtain the desired matrix by (a) converting from RGB to YUV by multiplying the RGB components with M, (b) de-saturating, by (for example) multiplying Y by 1, U by 0.5, and V by 0.5, and (c) converting back to RGB by multiplying with M -1 . The resulting equation equations are: 1 0.000 1.140 1 -0.395 -0.581 1 2.032 0.000 !
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