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Name__________________________________________ ECES 682 Midterm Exam Page 1 ECES-682 Introduction to Image Processing Midterm Exam No calculators or computers. Textbooks and notes are allowed. Instructions: Write your name on each sheet. Write your answers and do all relevant work on the exam pages or the blue book . Full credit will be given only if intermediate steps are present in addition to the final answer. Problem 1. (10 points) We need to capture images for inspection purposes. The labels on the parts are 5 mm by 5 mm, and we need to resolve print that is 5 points high by having 20 pixels along the height of the letters (1 printer’s point is 1/72 of an inch, or approximately 0.35 mm). The parts are 5 cm in diameter, and the camera is to capture an image of the whole part. (a) How many pixels (horizontally and vertically) are required for the digital camera? (b) What is the required resolution, in line pair per millimeter in the object plane? 5 points = 5x0.35 mm = 1.75 mm. Physical resolution: 20 pix/ 5 points = 20 pix/ 1.75 mm = 20 pix / (7/4) mm = 80/7 pix/mm = 11.4 pix/mm = 5.7 lp/mm Image size = 5 cm = 50 mm * 11.4 pix/mm = 570 pixels . Probably good to have a sensor bigger than this, so that the part does not have to be perfectly centered in the field of view. Problem 2. (10 points) The intensity distribution in an image is uniform over a range of 0 to 1. The image is passed through a power law intensity transformation with
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eces682midterm - Name ECES-682 Introduction to Image...

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