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Questions to ask Dr Harper - lengths of time(microeconomics...

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Questions to ask Dr. Harper 1. Registering in the fall if I don’t yet know if I’m in the program yet? 2. What courses do you recommend taking first? 3. Will this affect my undergraduate GPA? 4. I have to submit midterm grades…is that a problem 5. I might not have recommendations from econ professors….are lsp professors okay? 6. Is taking three graduate courses at a time stressful? 7. What about the tuition scholarship? 8. Why are some courses worth the same amount of credits but are different
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Unformatted text preview: lengths of time (microeconomics)? 9. I have calc credit on my transcript from high school and am taking Calc II in the summer. Is that a problem? 10. Is it okay to space out the courses in any manner I want? I.e. 3-4-3 or 4-3-3? 11. The website says you have to take core MA classes before you can take electives. Does that mean you have to complete all of them or just the ones that are prerequisites for future courses?...
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