Letter To Wes Orser - Mr. Wes Orser, Hello Mr. Orser, This...

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Mr. Wes Orser, Hello Mr. Orser, This is Taylor Simpson from your math 111 class winter quarter 2010. You have probably noticed that I had to drop your class. I am a very good student, who applies myself and I am working to become a doctor. Never before have I had such a horrible instructor who is not willing to help his students to pass his class or learn the material. In my opinion teachers are there to help, not to undermine and embarrass students. Your behavior reflects a need to see students fail in your class. You have let me know you believe that it is the students problem when they do not perform well in your class. You probably think I am another stupid kid that blames the teacher for his mistakes. In reality, the rude awaking of the matter is that you are the very reason people are not performing well in learning math. The thing I want you to know about me is that I am an A student and have been most of my school career. You however are not teaching to the A students. You are teaching to the math genius’s even expecting them to fail. I know you don’t believe in anything I’m saying about you being the problem with the class, but it is true, whether you believe it or not. The student’s and even teachers that I have talked to agree with me on this. To start off, your class lectures have absolutely nothing to do with the homework you assign. And if they even do relate, you use an example that is the simplest example possible - one that all the students have already seen and know how to do. Then comes the homework, with which most of us haven’t seen you demonstrate or teach this kind of problem like this ever before, even in our past math classes. Yet, you refuse to accept this claim, because apparently we should know everything there is to know about math and be able to tackle the hardest questions possible. Your other students and me would have absolutely no problem with this, if we had a teacher to guide us and lecture on the material that is represented in the homework you assign. The sheer nerve you have to tell me you “won’t hold my hand” when I asked you for to help with the homework problems in class that we are having trouble with, tells me that you are no teacher at all. First of all, my request to go over homework problems would not be “holding my hand.” This is far from that, listening and helping the students with homework problems that they struggle with is something every teacher should do. I have asked other teachers
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Letter To Wes Orser - Mr. Wes Orser, Hello Mr. Orser, This...

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