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feminist studies response paper 3 loretta ross

feminist studies response paper 3 loretta ross - Morelos 1...

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Morelos 1 Gabriela Morelos Allison Schifani Feminist Studies Wed . 3:00 12 . 1 . 2009 Response Paper #3 Zakiya Luna interviewed Loretta Ross and in this interview Loretta Ross opens up and talks about her early childhood and how her upbringings helped develop her feminist and human activism . She later talks about her involvement in different women’s organizations . Loretta Ross is an activist that focuses on women’s rights, human rights, and especially reproductive justice . She was one of eight children and had 5 brothers, which helped form a patriarchal structure in her household . Loretta was forced to wake up early every morning to prepare breakfast for her brothers . This caused her to feel resentment towards her family and she vowed to her mother that she would never “work on her knees,” which symbolized domestic work . Loretta was determined to get an education and overcome gender and racial stereotypes to become successful . In looking Zakiya Luna’s interview, Jo Doezema’s “Forced to Choose: Beyond the Voluntary v . Forced Prostitution Dichotomy,” and Lila Abu-Lughod’s “Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving? Anthropological Reflections on Cultural Relativism and Its Others,” we will consider Loretta Ross’s alternative views on abortion laws, Doezema’s argument against the forced versus voluntary prostitution dichotomy, and Abu-Lughod’s criticism about the war on terrorism, to find that a “human rights” framework redefines dominant understandings of “feminism,” who can be a “feminist,” and the value of “feminist” activism today by knocking down the stereotype that “feminism” is only a woman’s issue and instead expanding the framework to not only focus
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Morelos 2 on gender, but race, social class, and other oppressions as well . Instead of fighting for equality between women and men, Loretta Ross fights for equality between humans .
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