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FIN 355_Syllabus - COURSE SYLLABUS COURSE TITLE Money and...

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COURSE SYLLABUS COURSE TITLE INSTRUCTOR Money and Banking Sandra Phillips, M.B.A., Ph.D. COURSE NUMBER FIN 355 (315) 443-1333; 442-1461 TERM OFFICE Spring 2008 Whitman School of Management, Suite 612 OFFICE HOURS E-MAIL ADDRESS T/TH 12:30 – 1:30 and [email protected] by appointment Course Description This course will provide an overview of Money and Banking with an emphasis on money and the financial system; financial institutions; and central banks, monetary policy and financial stability. In addition, the class will focus on skill sets that are necessary for success in a professional arena. Lecture is supplemented with in-class individual and team exercises, which allow the student to apply information discussed. Current topics are utilized to provide an additional portal for the development of analytical, interpersonal communications, and team building skills, which are important in the “real world.” Course Objectives Introduce the student to Organization and control of the banking system Commercial bank functions and operations Organization and operation of the Federal Reserve System Monetary theory and policy Strengthen the following skills Analytical Teaming Presentation/Speaking Required Textbook: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, Cecchetti, Stephen G. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Recommended Supplemental Reading : Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Fortune, Money.
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Class Structure My goal is not only to introduce the student to Money and Banking, but also to develop the student’s professional skills and business conduct. Basic premises, i.e., punctuality, preparedness, and accepting responsibility for performance and completion of your “job” are the foundations that propel one to success in attaining life goals. It is your responsibility to “work” according to what is outlined in the syllabus. The expectation is that the text material has been read before class. Lectures, therefore, will attempt to supplement and expand on the material in the text. Success in this course is highly correlated with time and effort expended in preparing for class discussion and fulfilling ALL assignments. Students are advised to utilize Blackboard throughout the semester for course information, announcements, and grades. Team Presentations Student presentations will take place in teams and will occur during the last two weeks of the semester. Guided presentation topics will be provided and are based on chapters assigned. Students should look at current events in the local, national, and international arena when determining what to present. It is important to make sure that the discussion goes beyond what is stated in the chapter and lecture. Your goal is to bring something new, relevant, and timely to the class. Ultimately, it is up to your team to determine what to include in your presentation and how it should be presented. Presentations should run no longer than 25 minutes, including question/answer.
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FIN 355_Syllabus - COURSE SYLLABUS COURSE TITLE Money and...

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