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305short1 - • Chapter 4 1-13 Note in this class you are...

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Short-answer Questions for Exam #1 Economics 305: Macroeconomic Theory Spring 2007 In preparing for the exam, you should know good answers to each of the following questions in the “Questions for Review” in your textbook: Chapter 1: 6-10, 12, 13. Chapter 2: 1-12, 15. Chapter 3: 1-11, 13. You should also know everything in the “Cyclicality” and “Variability Relative to GDP” columns of Table 3.2.
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Unformatted text preview: • Chapter 4: 1-13. Note: in this class, you are not required to memorize any specific model unless I explicitly say you are. If I ask questions on the exam that require you to work with a specific model I will provide the model in the exam. I will not provide an answer key, but we will be happy to discuss your answers during office hours. 1...
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