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detrended - D8 real exports D9 real imports D10 implicit...

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Detrended Quarterly Data (in percentage deviations from trend except where noted) D1: real GDP D2: real consumption expenditures D3: real consumption of durables D4: real consumption of nondurables D5: real consumption of services D6: real investment expenditures D7: real government expenditures
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Unformatted text preview: D8: real exports D9: real imports D10: implicit GDP price deflator D11: 3-month treasury bill rate, deviations from trend D12: employment D13: unemployment rate, deviations from trend D14: M0 D15: M1 D16: M2 D17: Standard and Poor’s 500 stock price index...
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  • Spring '07
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  • Caterpillar Inc., Caterpillar vehicles, Tracked vehicles, real consumption expenditures, investment expenditures D7, real GDP D2

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