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Monthly Data M1: 3-month Treasury bill rate (annualized, in percent) M2: 3-month certificate of deposit (annualized, in percent) M3: 10-year Treasury note (annualized, in percent) M4: Board of Governors monetary base (M0) in billions of dollars M5: M1 money stock in billions of dollars M6: M2 money stock in billions of dollars M7: consumer price index M8: consumer price index excluding food and energy M9: producer price index M10: producer price index, fuels and related products and power M11: industrial production index M12: trade-weighted exchange rate M13: German/U.S. exchange rate in Deutsche marks per dollar M14: Japan/U.S. exchange rate in Yen per dollar M15: Canada/U.S. exchange rate in Canadian dollars per U.S. dollar
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Unformatted text preview: M16: Canadian consumer price index M17: labor force in thousands M18: employment in thousands M19: unemployment rate in percent M20: participation rate in percent M21: median duration of unemployment in weeks M22: female participation rate in percent M23: male participation rate in percent M24: unemployment rate of whites 16-19 M25: unemployment rate of white males, 20 and over M26: unemployment rate of blacks 16-19 M27: unemployment rate of black males, 20 and over M28: unemployment rate of white females, 20 and over M29: unemployment rate of black females, 20 and over M30: Standard and Poor’s index of stock prices M31: average selling price of houses, in dollars....
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