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NATS - Assignment #2 - Antonio Alarcn 1/29/08 NATS 101: The...

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Unformatted text preview: Antonio Alarcn 1/29/08 NATS 101: The World We Create Assignment #3 To accurately identify a vehicles efficiency, one must assess numerous criterions. First and foremost, the vehicle must be at a cost achievable by a majority of individuals to be labeled as efficient -- i.e. how efficient is a vehicle if it is unable to be purchased? Second, the vehicles EPA rating needs to be relatively high -- as a low number would indicate the amount of healthdamaging smog emissions. Lastly, the vehicles gas mileage (MPG) needs to be relatively high as well -- by far the most important factor in vehicle efficiency. Looking into the above factors, I found that the most efficient vehicle is the 2008 Toyota Prius. Starting at $21,100 MSRP, the 2008 Prius gets 46 MPG, and has an 8/10 EPA pollution rating.1 Additionally, the 2008 Prius not only saves the consumer money, it also helps contribute to the environments well being as well. In this light, the 2008 Prius has taken a dramatic step in increasing vehicle efficiency. As indicated in the previous lecture, the fuel combusted by a vehicle looses energy in three main ways: friction loss (5%), coolant (30%), and exhaust (40%). Within the MPG and EPA improvements, one finds an increase in exhaust efficiency and effective power-- therefore lowering the % energy loss and allocating the gained energy to effective power. In summation, the 2008 Toyota Prius is the most efficient vehicle overall due to the fact that it is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Essentially, what good is a vehicle when the environment is ravaged by pollution? ...
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