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Chapter 1 Notes

Chapter 1 Notes - learn from experiences Five Factors 1...

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CSM 121 Chapter 1 Management - The process of using what one has to achieve what one wants. -We all manage to achieve goals every single day. Five-Step Process to Achieve : 1. Identify a problem, need, want, or goal. Physical Needs Social Needs- Need to interact or be a part of a group. Wealth Needs- Money or property. Informational Needs- To gain knowledge. 2. Identify and clarify our values. Values what we think we need, determine what we think we need. 3. Identify our resources- what do we have to help us get what we  want? 4. Decide, plan, and implement. 5. We accomplish goals and evaluate- what worked and what did not; 
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Unformatted text preview: learn from experiences. Five Factors: 1. History- encompasses what has happened to us personally. 2. Biology- dictates our basic needs. 3. Culture- systematic way to get our needs. 4. Personality- total characteristics and traits. 5. Technology- able to use.-Biology is the most fundamental factor. Maslo’s Theory: Interdisciplinary management: 1. Anthropology- science of human’s lifestyles. 2. Psychology- behavior and thinking. 3. Sociology- human society. 4. Economics- financial planning. While Studying management, experts draw from interdisciplinary management....
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