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1 Balance of payments

royalty income dir invest private credits 2591233

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Unformatted text preview: Invest. Private Credits 2,591,233 1,826,596 549,602 110,090 91,599 764,637 370,747 385,940 Debits 3,168,938 2,117,254 405,287 79,743 26,616 646,406 120,862 349,871 Unilateral transfers Credits Private Debits transfers Private transfers Remittances by foreign residents to US residents Gifts to US residents by foreign residence Government Aid Remittances by US residents to foreign res. Gifts to foreign residents by US residents Government Aid transfers transfers to US gov't by for govds Military assistance to US gov't from US to For govt's Military assistance to foreign gov'ts by US gov't US Unilateral Transfers (net) Unilatearal transfers - 128,363 -36,003 -8,390 -83,970 Government Grants Pensions etc. Private remittances Current Account Credits Merchandise Debits Merchandise Exports Services Exports Unilateral Transfer Credits Imports Services Imports Unilateral Transfer Debits Question: A country can have a current account deficit or a current account surplus. Is one better than the other? 5% rule Financial/Capital Account Credi...
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