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haiti - right situation as “ catastrophic” and also...

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Kyaw San GCU 351 Haiti: Country Profile BBC New – Country Profile: Haiti ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/country_profiles/1202772.stm ) The article is to give brief information of the country profile of Haiti. Haiti was the first black-led republic and first independent Caribbean state in early 19 th century. Haiti is a politically corrupted country which automatically leads country’s economic into poorest nation in Americas. In addition, due to the country’s location it has been suffer from many natural disasters. Haiti achieved its independent in early 19 th century, and had become the first Caribbean state to gain independent from French colony. But, due to the corrupted government and various violent between country’s rival gangs and political groups the UN had describe Haiti’s human
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Unformatted text preview: right situation as “ catastrophic” and also leads the country’s economic into very poor situation. Haiti is facing a serious social problem, large wealth gab between black majority and French-speaking minority. Nearly half of the nation’s wealth own by the French-speaking minority. Due to the country lies in the horizontal region of the earthquake, Haiti has been suffered from various natural disasters throughout the history. In January 2010, Haiti hit by the strongest earthquake in 200 years causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. In summary, Haiti is a small Caribbean country in a bad geographic location with a corrupted government that leads the country into a poorest nation in the Americas....
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haiti - right situation as “ catastrophic” and also...

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