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Chapter 3 – Study/Lecture Notes -- Population, Distribution, Composition 1) where are people located 2) reasons they are located or distributed across Earth (or parts of Earth) Global Distribution Patterns - Where do people live on the planet? Three Main Population Clusters - Where are the main Clusters of World Population Ecumene vs non-Ecument lands Population Density Measures Factors in Population Distribution Sex and Age Structure Sex ratio = simple measure Factors that determine sex ratio:
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Unformatted text preview: Some basic facts regarding the sex ratio: International Variation Sex and Gender roles/treatment are socially created or constructed differences between men and women Age Structure = proportion of people in a given age cohort Population Pyramids (Age-Structure Diagrams) Dependency Ratio World Patterns of Age-Structure Baby-boomers in the US Elderly in the US Rapid Population Growth in the US Voting Blocks in the US...
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