Syllabus - Syllabus MUS 355 American Music Spring 2010(SLN#13459 Staff Course Administrator Mike Shellans Teaching Assistant Katie Palmer Computer

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1 Syllabus: MUS 355 American Music Spring 2010 (SLN#13459) Staff: Course Administrator: Mike Shellans Teaching Assistant: Katie Palmer Computer Support: [email protected] Contact Information: Students are encouraged to contact the course email address at [email protected] with any questions regarding course content. Please address all computer-related or technical questions to Computer Support at the address above. Because this class is entirely online, all communications will be handled by email, not in person or by phone. Class home page : Class login information: Class text: There is no required textbook for this course, but students are encouraged (but not required) to purchase and read Strunk and White, The Elements of Style , if they have not done so already. All assignment answers, student emails, and any other writings for this course should follow the rules of English composition explained in Strunk and White. Listening Assignments: Our listening assignments for this term will be available on the course website itself. Course Description: This course introduces students to the broad and rich topic of American music through brief explorations of topics that currently interest faculty in the ASU School of Music. After an introduction to general music terms and concepts and a brief survey of some highlights in American music, students are given a choice of which special topics units they will study. Each of these units is taught by a music historian at ASU. Because this unique online class features fifteen different modules on special topics created by seven different instructors, the administrator reserves the right to refer you to the specific teacher who built a module if you have questions regarding that module’s material. The course concludes with a series of units that offer students the opportunity to reflect critically on what they have learned. No previous musical experience or knowledge of music history is required.
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2 Workload: Students should expect to devote at least 8 - 10 hours per week to this course throughout the semester. As noted below, student obligations include listening assignments, readings, recorded lectures, demonstrations, and interviews, videos, tests, discussion postings, etc. Technical Requirements: Access to a high-speed Internet connection is required to take this course. Because this course is entirely delivered via the Internet, you are responsible for making sure that the computer you use to access all course materials meets or exceeds the specified computer minimum qualifications as listed on the course web site. Also, due to the high media content of this course, you will be required to set up and configure a media player that will consistently play the mp3 files and the mp4 digital clips delivered via the course web site. If your computer breaks at any time during the semester, it is your responsibility to locate Internet
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Syllabus - Syllabus MUS 355 American Music Spring 2010(SLN#13459 Staff Course Administrator Mike Shellans Teaching Assistant Katie Palmer Computer

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