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SCM 300 – Module 04 Study Packet Module 04: Move It (Packaging, Containers, Transportation, and Distribution) Logistics and Transportation is perhaps the most intimidating aspect of business for many white-collar workers. Still, it is yet another aspect of the supply chain that affects nearly every business function. This lecture illustrates the key “move it” functions: Packaging an item; Putting it into a large container that allows easy transport of high volume shipments, Moving the shipment via one or more modes of transport; Utilizing warehouses and/or distribution centers, Filling out the key shipping documents, and Preparing shipments for international distribution. Reading Assignments: Earth 40-51,53-57 Concepts Terms and Lists Logistics (Management) All Why logistics is critical 42-43 Break-bulk warehousing 48- 49 Warehousing 47- 51 5 Modes of transport 43-46 Hub-and-spoke systems and Example 3 49- 50 Table 3 45 Postponement warehousing 50 Examples Highway (Road) - Growth, Advantages 43-44 How to shorten customer lead times 50- 51 Kraft Foods 40 Water - When to use 44-45 Materials Handling and Packaging 53- 54 Ford/UPS 42- 43 Air - When to use, Growth 45 Considerations in outsourcing logistics 56 Example 1 46 Rail - When/why to use 45 Common carrier 56 Lowe's 49, 54 LTL shipment 46 contract carrier 56 Wine 54 Consolidation warehousing 47-48 3PL 56 Kellogg 57 Cross-Docking 48-49 PART 1 Basic of Logistics and Logistics Terminology – Slides 02-06, 57 What is the difference between Logistics and Transportation? Describe the major Cargo Classifications.
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M04 Study Guide_1_1 - SCM 300 Module 04 Study Packet Module...

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