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M3 Study Guide SP2010 - SCM 300 MODULE 03 Study Packet...

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SCM 300 – MODULE 03 Study Packet Module 03: Make It (Manufacturing Strategy, Facilities Location, Mfr Layout, Line Balancing and Capacity) While many people have a reasonable grasp on purchasing and logistics concepts, they tend to overlook issues that fall into the category of manufacturing. Everything we buy is produced, manufactured, and/or assembled in its own unique way and thus each item requires its own manufacturing strategy. Each item must be manufactured or assembled somewhere, and much to the surprise of most people, choosing a facility’s location based only on where low cost labor is available is simply ridiculous. As far as the inner workings of production facilities are concerned, most business students need to have at least a rudimentary grasp of typical layout strategies as well as an understanding of manufacturing constraints. Following completion of this module, students should understand enough about manufacturing/assembly that they can at least ask the appropriate purchasing and logistics questions. Reading Assignments: Additional Practice problems in Earth Textbook (Not Required) Page 29 - #7 a. 90 sec/unit b. 4.611 5 c. Five workstations - ACE---B---GD---HFI---JK d. Efficiency = 92.2% Page 29 - #8 a. 60 sec/unit and 4.556 5 b. Six workstations - A---C---BF---DG---IEH---J c. Efficiency = 91.33% New Product Development – Slides 03-06 What are the primary differences between strategic, design, and operating decisions? What does the company need to consider when designing new products? Why? How do design decisions impact the management and the effectiveness of the supply chain? Be able to recall the examples discussed in lecture.
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M3 Study Guide SP2010 - SCM 300 MODULE 03 Study Packet...

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