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M02 Study_Guide_1_1 - SCM 300 MODULE 02 Study Packet Module...

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SCM 300 – MODULE 02 Study Packet Module 02: Buy It Inventory is an expense, yet it is a required cost of doing business. In order to satisfy customer expectations inventory is a requirement. This module discussed the different types of inventory and the physical and mental processes that need to be considered in developing an inventory policy. How much inventory is too much? Too little? What types of costs need to be considered? What else needs to be considered? In order to develop an appropriate level of inventory supply it is required that you understand demand. What are some of the more basic demand forecasting models? Reading Assignments: Puzzle 36-47, 50-63       Concepts   Terms and Lists       Supply management  (SM) 37-41 Procurement 38 Reasons for outsourcing 51-52 Financial impact of  SM 40-41 Goals of purchasing 38 Reasons for making 52-53     Purchase order 41,4 4 Supplier base 54-55     Material Requisition 41 Factors in choosing a  supplier 55-56     RFQ or RFP 43 Total cost of ownership 56-57     Advantages of e- Procurement system 46- 47 Single supplier vs Multiple  Suppliers 58-59 Examples   Forward (vertical) integration 51 Centralization vs  Decentralization 60 Harrah's example 36 Backward (vertical)  integration 51 Reasons for global  sourcing 62 Pet Food example 63 Upstream and Downstream 51 Challenges of global  sourcing 62-63         CASE: Building Deep Supplier Relationships Puzzle: 77-85 1. How do American suppliers feel about Japanese and American car manufacturers? 2. What is kieretsu? 3. What did American companies do to copy the Japanese partnering model? Despite the efforts of American car manufacturers, why did cost resurface as the key criterion? 4.
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M02 Study_Guide_1_1 - SCM 300 MODULE 02 Study Packet Module...

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