Demog C175 PS 5 - Economics/Demography 175 Spring 2009...

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Economics/Demography 175 Professor Ron Lee Spring 2009 1 Problem Set #5 Due: Thursday, April 23, 2009 by 2:10pm Please turn in a hard copy of the problem set either at the beginning of class on April 25th th or before that class in the box located at the foot of the stairs in the Department of Demography (2232 Piedmont Ave). Hand-written graphs are fine to turn in and are good practice for exams. Producing graphs on the computer is also acceptable, but not expected. Questions about this problem set: please post your questions on bSpace forums: go to “Forums” Æ “Problem sets” Æ “Problem set #5”. Click on “Post new thread” to write your question, together with the “title” of the question. Once you are done writing your message, click on “Post Message”. If you encounter a problem, please send an email with your question to I. Population Size and Land Please make the following assumptions: - There is one output: food - There are two inputs: labor and land. There is a fixed supply of land, all with the same quality. - There is no change in technology - There is no capital accumulation - Initially, there are increasing returns to labor, but diminishing returns set in after some
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Demog C175 PS 5 - Economics/Demography 175 Spring 2009...

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