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exam 2 study guide - d Scenario Sensitivity analysis what...

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Exam #2 Review Chapter 2 a) Income Statement review b) Balance Sheet review c) Cash flow Statement review – used to get OCF and NWC changes Chapter 7 a) Net Present Value b) Internal Rate of Return – calculation and pitfalls c) Profitability Index (PI) – calculation and uses d) Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) e) Equivalent Annual Cost Chapter 8 a) Project Analysis: calculate OCFs, NWC, Initial Investment, Salvage Value, etc. b) Also keep in mind, sunk costs, erosion and financing costs c) Growing perpetuities, marginal tax rates, depreciation calculations
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Unformatted text preview: d) Scenario, Sensitivity analysis: what they are, when to use them. e) Acct and Economic Breakeven Chapter 9 a) Dividend Discount Model b) Calculation of Growth rate (i.e. g) c) Non-constant growth d) PVGO e) Growth, Plowback vs. Payout and the effect on valuation f) How to Calculate Required Return (R = D1/P0 + g) g) Rate of Return Calculation h) FCF and total payout valuation i) Market Efficiency...
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