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Can I use these movies in FinalCutPro

Can I use these movies in FinalCutPro - source Audio>...

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Can I use these movies in FinalCutPro -- in the Quicktime format? You can Re-encode Mpeg2 movies to quicktime for FinalCut Pro using Cleaner5.0.2 using the following settings. There is no de-interlacing, so you don't lose anything. The files increase in size 10 fold, so make sure you have enough HD space. This procedure gives you quicktime movies suitable for use with final cut. Cleaner 5 -- if you don't have 5.0.2, you can download.0.2 from the terran.com site. - output > quicktime, .mov - tracks > process everything - image > image size constrain to 720*480, display size normal, do not deinterlace, field dominance-SHIFT DOWN - encode > apple DV-ntsc codec, millions of colors, spatial quality 100%, frame rate, same as
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Unformatted text preview: source- Audio > we're still not sure about which is best. start with mono, 48kb, experiment. Some have had good results with their decoder cards. compare a few films done both ways on a good monitor with scopes and see which method is best. If you still have trouble, post your question on our discussion list ( [email protected] ) or write to us at info at archive dot org.-- NEW -- One of the simplest ways to transcode movies from MPEG-2 to DV format for editing is to use the freeware utility MPEG Streamclip (Mac OS X and Windows) available at squared5.com. It offers many settings and maintains video/audio sync....
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