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Mallory Livingston 1 Feuerbach, The Essence of Religion: Monday, Feb. 8th For Ludwig Feuerbach, the essence of religion can be reduced merely to man’s dependence upon nature, and particularly the Christian conception of God is only a result of man applying his own traits favorably to the larger, more mysterious entity superior to him. This notion of a God in man’s image (or vice versa) is not unique to Feuerbach alone; the philosopher himself quotes a passage from the Bible that implies a similar message. However, what is unique about Feuerbach’s essays – originally composed in the mid-nineteenth century – is the reason for which man attributes his own characteristics to that of Nature to perpetuate the false notion of a supernatural, spiritual being. He argues that it is essentially man’s hubris that is the cause of humanity’s faith in a God over nature. To Feuerbach, Nature is the supreme being in control of the unfolding events of the earth, but he would most certainly have argued against the reference of a “Mother Nature” for the same reason he argues against the anthropomorphism of nature in the form of a deity. Just as the Greeks saw Zeus as lustful, Hera as jealous and Mount Olympus as a place of eternal luxury, so too do the Christians interpret Christ in their ideal images as a peaceful yet powerful man capable of changing the destiny of humanity. All of these human-like deities, however, are nothing but limited human interpretations of nature. Feuerbach writes that “God
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Feuerbach - Mallory L ivingston 1 Feuerbach, The Essence of...

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