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Jesus of Nazareth • MISSING • Dead Sea - very salty Focal Points of Jesus' teaching • Father (mother)hood of God • Brother/sisterhood of all mankind • Infinite value of human personhood Jesus' Apocalypticism • "kingdom of God" - god centered life "resurection • debate with Sadducees (Matt. 22) "eternal life" - infinite value of personhood • parable of Lost Sheep (Matt 18) • "Love" - parable of Good Samaritan (Lk. 10:30) • Eternal Life and Love of one's neighbor and Love of one's enemy The Ministry of Paul (Saul) • a former Pharisee, a Passionate Defender of the Jewish Tradition • "On the way to Demascus" - jesus told him to go to demascus (jesus' spirit)
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Unformatted text preview: • Pauline Interpretation of Death of Jesus on the Cross - died for all man's sins • Paul's understanding of "Resurrection" and the "End Times. i e Paul's Apocalypticism ▼ The "De-Eschatologization" of the christian movement after the initial period of the christian movement ▼ Tatian, A second century christian father • "eternal life" does not mean living endlessly in any form -- here or hereafter • "living endlessly" in itself contains no delight. One has to live meaningfully in communication with god....
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