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Answers to PS1 - Answers to Problem Set #1 1. O Me a)...

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Answers to Problem Set #1 1. O Me C Me O O Me Me Me OH N a) b) c) d) e) (acetophenone) There is a strong 1690 absorbance, definately a carbonyl & probably conjugated (which lowers the absorbance about 20 cm -1 . The peak at 1590 is indicative of a benzene ring (probably also conjugated) and the aromatic overtones are also visible. This is not an aldehyde, since there are no signals at 2850 and 2750 cm -1 . (ethyl acetate) The strong carbonyl absorbance at 1745 cm -1 is typical of an ester. Since there was only one ester on the list, that is all the data we need. (benzonitrile) The strong signal at 2220 cm -1 indicates a triple bond of some sort. We could probably guess that it was a C-N triple bond because the signal is so strong (remember: bigger dipole change, bigger signal!). However, we can also see a signal at 1595 cm -1 and the aromatic overtones, indicating the presence of a benzene ring. (cyclohexane) This spectrum contains only C-H bonds that absorb below 3000 cm -1 , and clearly does not contain any double, triple or O- H bonds. It must therefore be the only alkane on the list. (isopropanol) The strong, broad signal at 3300 cm -1 is from an alcohol O-H (not an acid, since there is no C=O singal and the signal at 3300 cm -1 does not extend below 3100 cm -1 . The molecule also does not have any signals indicative of a benzene ring.
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2a . The peaks at 122 and 124 in a 1:1 ratio are indicative of a bromine isotope pattern
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Answers to PS1 - Answers to Problem Set #1 1. O Me a)...

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