IR absorbances

IR absorbances - O H O Cl O O OH O O O O O C C C C 1600...

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G r o u p I R a b s o r b a n c e (cm -1 ) O C H C H C H C C H N H N H H O H O O H 2950-2850 3150-3000 3350-3300 2900-2700 (2 bands) 3500-3100 (2 bands) broad, may be weak 3500-3100 (1 band) broad, may be weak 3550-3200 broad, strong 3500-2500 very broad, strong Bonds to Hydrogen Multiple Bonds IR Functional Group Absorbances
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Unformatted text preview: O H O Cl O O OH O O O O O C C C C 1600 1660 N 1715 1800 1730 1715 1745 1810/1780 (2 bands) 1650 2200 G r o u p I R a b s o r b a n c e (cm-1 ) Conjugation lowers a multiple-bond absorbance by 20-30 cm-1 O N 1640-1695...
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