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CH242 EXPERIMENT #3 SYNTHESIS PROJECTS Introduction As you already know from the lab schedule, the final four weeks of the semester will be devoted to synthesis projects. The purpose of these projects is to provide you with the opportunity to perform experiments that have a research flavor. As a first step, you will need to choose one of the two molecules offered this year, and do some background literature research to learn more about that compound. You will then need to develop procedures for your laboratory work. It will be necessary for you to become familiar with our library resources, including the use of SciFinder Scholar for chemical literature searching. To help you prepare, you will submit a preliminary proposal as outlined below (this is your “prelab”). The preliminary synthesis proposal is due on March 15 th at the beginning of class (lecture) . The preliminary report (your “prelab assignment”) should be no more than five pages long including a page of bibliography. The format is as follows: Prelab Assignment
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