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1 BC368 - Biochemistry of the Cell - 2010 POSTER SESSION GUIDELINES A poster session will be conducted during the last week of laboratory. You will work in pairs for the poster, and you will receive one grade for the work. You will review the available literature on a metabolic disorder or some other disease or condition that you find of interest. Instead of writing a review paper, you will present your findings as a poster that will be evaluated by Profs. Greenwood and Millard and by the other students of the class. Choice of topic : You are free to choose any metabolic disorder, condition, or disease you would like, but you must satisfy two criteria. 1) The topic must be current so you can review recent primary literature. 2) You must explain the disorder on a biochemical level. Library Research : It is important to begin planning your poster early. Choose your topic with your partner and conduct a thorough search to see if there is good, current research information available. You will probably need to do some interlibrary loans to get many of the relevant papers. The Internet is a reasonable place to get some initial information, but you must be choosy! Your poster must include primary literature references. Poster Layout : The space available for your poster will be three feet by four feet. Try to arrange your poster so the information is presented generally from top to bottom and from left to right. The title should extend across most of the top of the poster. There are numerous examples of posters throughout Keyes and Arey, so use these examples to get some ideas of how to do an effective poster layout (and perhaps how not to do one!).
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poster - BC368 - Biochemistry of the Cell - 2010 POSTER...

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