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/= e s4o (s 'w ) H W * tt A ss;7r' 'ne nt P'l of /' Fro^ tA. arti^e/e ly T.Paal; (aril P/rys. Lett. 4, to r (tz7z)) ///e estirnafe fl"rt t/te ou+nt po,ter (f.r* ,n9 e^d ) af t/re /ater ue have s&ud,'-d in HtlF ? anJ # | O (Paalirs /ase"':A" ) ;, OJ^V_ tthen the d*te crarr.e,rt/ is 3 ^a % tl, rad'y,'vnu,r1 c4rrtnt tn ur.rzqtll, Htra yrL &fe fo uE'e the=e-vilues, anl alt tAe resu/tf ef HL/#? e.,./ lO t in ou?4 y''to,DEL' A to est,'.rra.te :
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Unformatted text preview: A *t. "slye eff,,.,,,n,r" (#) )n h/,t, p.r 4 * f , W tt " l'e*.;/un ereatbn efft^rfe*.y,, 4 , ft U" nrdn,*r^sfarl bts thred"o) ,l ct rent rt d, - (t ..)-' . A tAe fractr"an uf excitotl Je.ay s tAat retro/t rh ttre sTan/aneoq:i emiSsrbn of a photan t^tAen t/,e d-,"ode cotrr"nt ,"5 40 f ercent be/u,t, tt nsl"ft ( ,:e.- C.G * ?Fo o4 ) . Aft synba/s are d, {"f,,,.*"d ,'4 Hw# ?, # tO and c[a,.; ,tt.-s E,...
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This note was uploaded on 02/09/2010 for the course EE 540 taught by Professor Hellwarth during the Spring '08 term at USC.

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