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EE540_S08_HW_10_Solution - EES Wn 40 s o HW to.t Sol,tt'ons...

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EES 40 ( s' o? ) HW * to Sol,t t,'ons. fr,(r) o/d|od.-las?r. f. t of?, Wn dekrmitte tA. FUIIM .t/ of fl2,fu) f". the given d,,"sde-'(aser tran>;rion, ate QFam;ne (l'Le data im a,?.v'6 at fi'x.d-%gr-=?.Trtepe --.+L4:^-1-- the s|serred d,'#erer,ce Aetuteert 8t = [,spZl!u^eo4, e*^vt in io fun94d Et --;j,,6+----sv' the 2 uafefe^g4s \r = 84008 *dmam-e d,#?rer.e 6"2-..n -L"Vt 9t(4, 17 at lLe 7-o *uv./. nTth s ' By^ (empflrl71q th,'s dirfer.ir." (*",76rfrar- TLb(e ttro.l 6e(o ^t -) -r ltr tL ce mPsrlnq th,'e differ."r'< . !- / .. ')) At Eke ttlo usVetlerl7Ertr' IrX ,76tfrer- TLb(e Hro.l 6e(o ^t -) -, ltr tL" ue ob*a,h e va/rae frr a)/. ftof.ssor3 -"f is sAo-, in ^F,7. Hra. ! ai'i p"Z . Thf s yhl/.J tAe resulls 0f TaLle H(O. I , Putt'n1 {,-tz = Yt - V, ,,-" o"::. O.45-l,Zl = -Oe7g: (,s, t rto'z ) z - (g,?* b,z)z utAen co*rpare.J t' F=fi:S ) /,u /a,"tar ll gr/*t , af,l pred,Zts thrt?;f-a/[ tle tfont*Leot's eru,is]o, dt 7aao,,{ '^les fto^ tA. /as-to frans,'t,On )a,.2c1, ,f orrr qauss ion tfrU / f "t rtct,bn ln V (/as zccur'af. , *Ae aAser.rn{pftt t'ar lOaa7ft r,touH /fu o'r1 t?, of fle(x z,r ra,5./) A/a.k Jrt; fn Fr4.g,6.
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