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EE540_S08_HW_09_Solution_04182008 - spac"n1 ffiLs...

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c EE54a (> oil HV#A ,selatiorts . p. / t l, .l_lea.saredaliole _ laser made fare oteters- W*", cN (m.t+) Tp:(z7,z,r'E)-'. F,om ilc-frnre. trtaFwgA .tc r': .8ze1A F'"k il t.8 ftZo% ) trrtt on the har;*ota/ sca/e.oy *t.s A,to, oui = 2.?'zl */o'o H* ft zafo ) 7 onJ frr^ tA,,s data. @1f^ th,e sa.rne fn'l*rc, tlr.cre are /g ,yrt/.s letr".n VTOG arrJVTSZ i.S-, tlc ,n"de
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Unformatted text preview: spac-"n1 ffiLs_?:) r,lr.A eyut9 (rxr)-' , WF*^ Hu#z, h)' t/kq L)ryW- (t, o,ttr-)or t3.Gfo.? resnel =e)/s R, = R^*f+f= grlzZ ftz%? ),rto'ozG1 /:ro'4 lg rrrjJ!:6 rc*-{H?e) ' @ Ftorn (m.r1 pr:ffi -/.,^E: 1,17(I tzfo) -O,??F+fo) "e' = 4,? =(#il/6 ?1x/o'o I t zo % -' ^va ." Q = 5770 t / | 6O ie., l,eLutcen 467O and 6?50. Fer//44*^vvv/ tr] Tl'" /art, - node...
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