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ACCY 593 EXAM II (solved) Fall 2004 UIUC Name _______ Suggested solutions ___________ Section___________________________________________ Instructions This exam is 100 minutes long. Upon receiving the exam, you should write down your name and the section you attend the class. Then read the remainder of this page and stop. Do not proceed beyond this cover page till you are told to do so by the proctor. 1. This exam has 4 questions and 10 pages. Check your copy of the exam to make sure you have a complete copy. Note that Question 1 has 3 parts, some with several sub-parts. 2. Use your time well: do the easy parts first. 3. Show all your work and write down your assumptions wherever possible. It may help you earn partial or substantial credit . 4. Make sure you read all pages of the exam and follow instructions exactly. If answers are illegible, incomprehensible or written down in the wrong place, we may fail to evaluate them correctly. 5. The exam is closed book, no-notes. Only numeric calculators should be used. Text- storing calculators may be used only if you have purged all stored text. Students are presumed to be familiar with the Code of Policies and Regulations Applying to All Students. In particular, please the following provision (ibid, §33): “It is the responsibility of the student to refrain from infractions of academic integrity, from conduct that may lead to suspicion of such infractions, and from conduct that aids others in such infractions.” Detected violations of academic integrity will result in a score of zero for this exam as well as additional disciplinary action consistent with University policy. 6. No questions will be answered during the exam. If you cannot understand some part of the exam, if you find a typographical error or if you believe the exam is in any way erroneous or unworkable, please state your difficulty in writing on the exam itself. 7. This exam is a test of your individual knowledge and ability to complete the assigned tasks at this moment in time. You may not consult anybody regarding any portions of the exam before you turn it in to the proctor. 8. If you need to leave the room during the exam for personal reasons, you may do so after seeking the permission of the proctor. Before leaving your seat, please make sure that your exam is closed and turned over so that no writing is visible. You should turn off or put away your calculators as well. 1/11
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ACCY 593 EXAM II (solved) Fall 2004 UIUC Question 1. (27 points) This question has 3 parts. Each part has different point weights. Part 2 has three sub-parts while part 3 has six. You are required to answer all sub-parts. For each question, please circle the letter for the one answer that is most accurate. 1. (3 points):
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EXAM2solution - ACCY 593 EXAM II (solved) Fall 2004 UIUC...

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