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Exam 3 ME 218-Engineering Computational Methods The University of Texas at Austin Spring 2008 Name________________________________________________________ Directions: You are to complete this exam entirely by yourself with no outside discussion or help from other individuals. The exam is due at the beginning of the last class period for the semester. You may use a calculator, Excel, Matlab, C/C++ programming environments, homework, labs, and textbooks. Turn in ALL written work stapled to this signed handout. This includes m-files and code used to answer each problem EVEN IF NOT SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED. Label and title all graphs. Attach all requested material in a clear, ordered , and organized manner. The professor and TA will be available during lab and office hours to answer clarification questions between now and the due date of the exam. Every effort will be made to respond to email questions within 24 hours. Sign the following contract after you have completed this exam only if it applies to you. Conduct yourself in a manner that will allow this contract to apply to you when completing all portions of this exam. In an effort to uphold the high ethical standards maintained by the University of Texas, the attached material represents original work prepared exclusively by me. I have neither offered, nor received help from classmates or other students while preparing this document. ____________________________________________ Good luck! Flushing contamination of a set of tanks. 3 gpm 6 gpm 1 gpm 7 gpm (?) gpm 2 gpm 3 gpm Tank X Tank Y Tank Z
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Problem 1 (40 points): Numerical solution of an ODE initial value problem: Making the best tasting root beer requires the piping of soda water through 3 tanks. Over a period of time, contaminants slowly build up even though the volume of water in each tank is constant , and the tanks must be flushed with fresh water to clean out the system. Through testing, it is determined that the tanks contain the following initial amounts of water and contaminants. Tank Water (gallons) Contaminants (ounces) X 800 1600 Y 400 500 Z 600 250 So, if x(t) , y(t) , and z(t) are the levels of contamination in tanks X, Y, and Z, respectively, then the contamination levels during the flushing process can be found by solving 6 2 , (0) 1600 800 400 600 6
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ME 218-Exam3_Pryor, M - Exam 3 ME 218-Engineering...

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