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Acceleration and it's cause

Acceleration and it's cause - Acceleration and its Cause...

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Acceleration and its Cause Luis Corona Joseph McEwen Physics 151 Lab
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Abstract In this lab, we are observing Newton’s law of motion or inertia. Newton’s 1 st law states that an object persist in a state of rest of uniform motion unless acted on by another body or will stay in motion in a straight line unless acted by another object. We will observe a cart gliding down a track, analyze graphs that the motion detector/software captures, and answer some questions based on our data. Equipment The equipment that was used in this lab was our track cart, 0.5kg mass, meter stick, and motion detector, computer with software. Procedure First we predicted the velocity and acceleration of the cart’s motion down the ramp. Note: the cart initially gets launched up the ramp at a certain velocity/acceleration, then returns to original position rebounds from the spring until it comes to complete stop. Next we sketched our results as we performed the first test which was just to launch the cart.
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